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Mari State University

About University

After 47+ years of existence (from 1972), Mari State University has created a renowned name in the list of Top Medical Universities of Russia. Higher education in Mari State University is an ideal option for Indian students. It was founded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.The University is located in the capital city of Mari El Republic- Yoshkar-Ola. It is a rolling member of the Russian Association of Classical Universities and the Volga Region’s Association of Classical Universities. The University was the originator of the Association of Finno-Ugric Universities.

Not only this, Mari State University founded the Association of Finno-Ugric Universities. It is also, the Centre Education and Scientific research and is recognized by the major councils of different nations such as Medical Council of India (MCI), European Medical Council (EMC), UNESCO, etc. and also enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

Mari State University aims at the pursuit of health in the service of society. Our objective is to facilitate higher education to all the students around the world for the comprehensive development and preparing them as specialists to work in the field of health care focused on the development and implementation of innovative diagnostic, treatment and prevention technologies educated in the spirit of humanism and compassion.

Students pursuing Post-graduation in medicine at Mari State University are very much satisfied with its services, quality medical education at an affordable cost, comfortable & safe living for students, hygienic & delicious dining (Indian food especially) and much more.

Why Study at MarSU?

The University provides tremendous benefits to its students pursuing post-graduation at PSMU. Here we have listed some-

  1. The University has a surgical hospital of dental clinic, equipped with the latest medical facilities.
  2. Students at PSMU can be a part of research work, reports creation at clinical, scientific and practical conferences of different level.
  3. Offers excellent student-teacher ratio i.e. 1:12 or 1:15 maximum
  4. Students can apply all-round the year for Post-graduation in Medicine
  5. Cost effective course is offered that do not crosses the students’ pocket
  6. Associated hospitals are available for practicing & learning purpose
  7. English is used as a medium of instruction
  8. The University has a separate center for practical skills & abilities, electronic reading room and modern computer classes that help the students for gaining more qualifications.
  9. Conducts Easy & hassle-free admission procedure without any additional entrance exam or English language proficiency test.

Faculties / Courses

The Institute of Medicine and Natural Science offers various programs in the following specialities:

  • General medicine
  • Medical Treatment
  • Pharmacy

Housing Facilities

Mari State University believes in comfort & hygiene of students. MarSU arranges housing facility for all the international students in its dormitories. There are 8 dormitories available on the campus. Students are accommodated in dormitories with the availability of 6 people & 8 people in rooms. These rooms are equipped with beds, desks, chairs, lamps, bookshelves. Shared-kitchen, toilet, shower-room are available in rooms.

University provides full security to students living on campus. 24-hour CCTV coverage, electronic access to hostels, security guards at every required check post and other measures are available for safety & security of the students.

As far as dining is concerned, then living in a totally different place is a big concern for authentic & native food. But in Mari State University, Indian students don’t have to worry about the same. The availability of Indian food in the mess of hostels is an added advantage for Indian students.

1200 USD is charged for food service inclusive of all Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; as per the students’ wish. Not only this, students can cook food if they wish to, for a change.

Campus Life

MarSU has many activity centres like scientific communities, interest clubs, sports schools, volunteering, charity work, public work, cultural events, etc. Students are always motivated for participation in seminars, youth forums and conferences. University conducts a sports day every year in which many medical students take part. Students are availed with many facilities for playing like Mini-football, a track, a field complex, two sandy courts for beach volleyball, an asphalt court for team sports, Gym, indoor courts for basketball and volleyball and fitness rooms.

As far as extra-curricular activities are concerned, University organizes different types of events, creative competitions and projects for the student’s entertainment and personality development. Theatre performances are also a part of this.

University always put in efforts for engaging students in social and project activities in various streams like business, innovative and scientific Activity, art square, patriotic education, volunteering, student government, youth initiatives, and media technologies.

Therefore, academic and cultural events are a significant part of the campus at MarSU. This helps the students to acquire more experience and they get better exposure in their field of study.

In addition to the above peculiarities, University provides the benefit of a Library to the students, which is one of the leading libraries of Russia. Its library functions with several centres of the University. The library is enriched with 12 Departments, 7 reading halls, 7 subscriptions and fund numbers over 1,000,0000 items.

Services We Provide

  • Free of Cost Counselling (Telephonic/Personalized)
  • University Selection
  • Documentation Assistance
  • Pre-Departure Counselling & Orientation Ceremony
  • Forex Assistance
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Post Departure Services