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About Russia

about russia

Russia is one of the vast countries of the world when it comes to land area which is besieged by 12 seas and fragments its borders with other renowned fourteen countries. Russia is one of the most populous and developed countries of the world where you will find very high density of people. Russian is its official language. It is rich in mineral resources and depends majorly on mining. In 1991, its first federation was formed and its first constitution was written in the year 1993. Russian is their nationality. In 2011, its population was listed at 142.9 million.

Russia is one of the coldest regions in the world. It is extremely cold during the winters in Russia. Russia’s large size is one of the major factors that regulate the climate.


The public transport is highly developed and accessible for the students in the country. Commuting by public transport are cheap. You can smoothly travel with the efficient train and bus services. Metro services within the country are frequent and cheap.

Food & Accommodation

  • Russian food is very healthy and rich in carbohydrates and fat. Russian food keeps you warm during the winter seasons. Russian food consists of meat, bread, potato, egg and butter. Indian students are going to definitely love the food culture there.
  • Russian accommodation facility is worldwide popular for its lodging and food services. It’s typical for international students to find an ideal option to stay within your budget. Students can opt for University dormitory, rental apartment, or host family.
  • Lodging is the most important factor for any international students who are pursuing their studies in foreign land.  Russia provides good accommodation facilities to all Indian and other students come for their MBBS studies in Russia. Minimum cost of living and food facility will be depends on the locality and the type of University. There may be increase in accommodation charges due to increase in resources.
  • University dormitory is one of the best suitable options for students enrolled for full-time course in Russia. Dormitory is a large hall of rooms on sharing basis. Dormitory are the first option provided to the students for long stay. Generally it is located within the University campus to enjoy the campus life while studying. University dormitory charges will be set by the universities; it may be 500 to 5000 rubles depending upon the city locality and university resources
  • We cannot overlook the nation of Russia when we talk about top medical colleges in RussiaThese colleges work on the holistic development of the students.


Russian culture has been formed by the nation’s history, its geographical location and its vast expanse, religious traditions, and Western influence. Russian writers and philosophers have played an important role in the development of European thought. Russians have also greatly influenced classical music, ballet, sport, architecture, painting, and cinema. The nation has made pioneering contributions to science and technology and space exploration, and is home to 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 19 out of which are cultural.  The large global Russian diaspora has also played a major role in spreading Russian culture throughout the world.